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oh my god, hannity's a bottom

Icons are unlocked, but everything else is pretty much friends only. Don't be shy!

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"You were nominated for an Emmy?!?!"

LOL. Oh, Jon, that was some solid phone-acting right there.

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Radiohead just performed '15 Step' at the Grammys and rocked the house. They really should have been the opening act instead of Coldplay. They performed with the USC marching band, who also got to play with Fleetwood Mac apparently. Those band geeks get to do the cool stuff!

(15 Step was the song that played during the end credits of 'Twilight.' It's not on the official soundtracks, but I kind of love it.)

Gotta go - Neil Diamond is performing Sweet Caroline. Must go sing along!

Reaching out... touching me, touching you... SWEET CAROLINE BUM BUM BUM

ETA: ahhhh instant Radiohead fan, just add water...

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Current Mood: cheerful dying of teh cute

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So apparently new 'Meet The Press' host David Gregory has some decent dance moves.

Rock on with yo' bad self to Mary J. Blige in 2007!

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I think I'm allergic to Bud Light and Miller Light. They make me nauseated. Oh well, classy beers for me instead!

Also, I discovered a friend's blog tonight - well, he mentioned it in conversation, and hinted at how I could find it - and wow, I did not realize he was so prolific. Or thoughtful. It paints him in a whole new light, and I feel like even more of a heel for treating him poorly. Sometimes I'm a pretty horrible friend. Mostly to him. There's something about him - he's rather passive, though I think he'd like to say laid-back - that just drives me to walk all over him.

Whoa, too much introspection so late on a weeknight! How bouncy was Stephen tonight, huh?

Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful

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So if you go see 'Zack and Miri Make A Porno,' be prepared...

...don't go watch it with a coworker.

...don't go watch it with a coworker who's got a crush on you (unreciprocated, sadly for him).

...don't eat anything that you might regret spraying all over your lap.

I didn't spit food, but damn, it is a funny, stupid and filthy movie. It's dirty, but the end is actually kind of touching in a cheesy sort of way and you really should watch it with a significant other - because you'll either want to tear each other's clothes off to some thumping bow-chicka-bow-wow music, or hold hands all the way home.

Perhaps both.


Current Mood: flirty just a little bit

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I think this has been posted around the LJ-nets already but good GOD I adore Jon Stewart and Paul Rudd. So cute with the dancing and the laughing!

Rachel Maddow with Stephen was very cute, too. I felt bad for her - she seemed to think that the audience was going to hate her for not naming Stephen the King of Cable News. Don't worry, Rach! We still love you, and your big dark glasses, and your awesome sneakers.

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I am fangirling over a presidential candidate today.


Oh my goodness. Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic party are poised for a victory like we haven't seen in, well, maybe ever, and it's all come down to the next two days. I have so much hope for November 4th - and so much fear that something is going to go horribly wrong.

It's time. Time to end the policies of fear. Time for a president who doesn't make us cringe every time he opens his mouth, who inspires us, who doesn't treat us like we're a nation of idiots. Because we're not. And there's no better way to prove that than to go to the polls on Tuesday and send a resounding, landslide message that yes, we are ready for a new direction.

Time to make Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert work for their jokes, and for them to take pleasure in poking fun at our administration.

Oops, let me step down off my soapbox. Who's up for a few drinks on Tuesday night while we await election results?? I'll be raising a glass!

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From tonight's show...

"Hey, Riggle! Heeyyyyyy!"

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